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Branding: My Tongue Ring

By Asa Leveaux

“I’m grown; who the hell cares” – Asa Leveaux (Freshman Year)

This week I was honored to be apart of a week long program for entrepreneurs who are military veterans on the campus of Oklahoma State University. It’s funny how life comes full circle since the campus is where I first caught a glimpse of who I could be come as well as coming in contact with my true hustle muscle.

I remember one particular day, prior to spring break, where I came up with the genius idea to get a tongue ring. Yes, I WAS THAT GUY! What in the world would make me want to have a piece of metal inserted into my flesh and have it stay there day after day after day after day.


You may not know this but the reason that a certain group of individuals go through the pain and daily care of having a tongue ring is for the implication of having a higher achievement rate of a sexual nature. I knew about this idea from hanging around my target market…women. My desire was to advertise to this market my capabilities or at least my personal valuation of those abilities.


Times have now changed. My tongue ring has been removed. Sex has been removed from my menu. However, what I was doing when I was 18 years old is the exact same thing that I do now and what you can adopt.


To start branding yourself and your company begin with these steps:

1. Know Your Goal: Understand what your reason is for branding in the first place, i.e. make a sale, engage with investors, or create a following. Be clear about your intentions so that the tongue in your mouth is aligned with the tongue in your shoe.

2. Create Your Brand: Outline the different attributes that you want to convey to your market. Do you want them to believe that you are making more money than Zuckerberg or that you are Mother Theresa incarnate?

3. Study Your Tribe: It isn’t enough to find the people you want to know you, you must study them. A reason to study them is to know whether to portray your brand on Instagram or on talk radio.

4. Protect Your Branding: You don’t do the work of creating a well portrayed image of you or your business only to allow it to be pissed on. Consider who you partner with, who is with you in photos and even who you acknowledge is social media.

Brand strong. Brand often.

-Dreams & Blessings

Asa Leveaux

Chief Genius Activator

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