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Google Yourself Damn It!

By Asa Leveaux


Entrepreneurs, do you realize that if you don’t have a presence, that is searchable, that it reduces your chances to close the deal?

Recently I spoke with a young CEO of an emerging advertising firm who was frustrated about his challenge of closing with prospective clients. This brilliant man was so pissed that he was contemplating giving up on his main product offering and venturing into an endeavor that was not his passion. After assessing what his current action steps were I responded with three words:


Too often we want to throw in the proverbial towel just because things aren’t going our way, our cash registers aren’t ringing loud enough or because people don’t “get us”. All of those instances, and many more, have absolutely nothing to do with the customer or client but everything to do with us.

In order for a prospective buyer to trust you enough to place money in your hand, they need to know you. You have a great product. Your offering is pure bad-assery (yes, I make up words). However, if you don’t show up on the first few pages of a google search then how will they go from knowing to liking and then to trusting you.


I want you to dominate your industry rather than just surviving within it. In order to do that I will coach you to do these 3 things first:

1. GET A GMAIL ACCOUNT – The reason I want you to have a Gmail account is because it is the key to Google City. In order for you to take advantage of Youtube, Google Drive, Google Voice and Google Plus you first need to ensure that you have an account established so that you can take advantage of the suite of offerings that are totally FREE.

2. CREATE A SEXY VIDEO – That is correct, I said sexy. The last thing that you, I, or your potential client wants to see is another tired, weak and utterly boring reproduction of your elevator pitch. Ensure that you use Youtube to create the video and then publish the video on every social media platform you have. Please ensure that you include your contact information as well as an offering.

3. DEVELOP YOUR BLOG – Google has a free service called Blogger that I highly suggest you take advantage of today! Seriously, are you really going to wait to make money? WHERE DO THEY DO THAT AT? Ensure that your posts give content and have your personality infused within the sentences and paragraphs to create an experience rather than a chore.

Success is waiting on you genius!

-Dreams & Blessings

Asa Leveaux

Chief Genius Activator

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