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So you have arrived to yet another networking event. You smell great. Your hair is working better today than you did at your last job and your shoe game says that you are the real MVP. After looking around the room with a slight sense of nervousness you force yourself to become the extrovert your business needs you to be and you casually slide into a circle of slick personalities with strategically placed mints. After only a few moments one of the ring leaders takes notice of you and wastes no time in asking you the one question that could make or break you…”So what is it that YOU do?”


You stand there, cold drink in hand, wondering what to hit them with so that you seem so prepared, so business savvy, so badass that they think you are a Seth Godin clone trained by Sir Richard Branson himself. You want them to have their eyes glaze over as your entrepreneurial prowess strikes them as though they are in Mortal Kombat video game set in Silicone Valley. What can you say in this moment that will be concise, smart and having them panting as if there was only one small business loan left on earth?


The only reasonable option is to state your BLUF. What is a BLUF? It is your bottom line up front. Business professionals and entrepreneurs become so enamored by their titles that they lose potential partners and clients because they don’t speak to the results they offer. A BLUF changes the way you are perceived and remembered. There are 3 components to a quality BLUF. The first is to state your name. Yes, people actually care to know what to call you. The next component is to state your gift. No, your gift is not that you do hair or that you clean buildings. Your gift is that you allow women to portray the beauty they have within to the rest of the world or that you ensure that company investments are maintained with a high level of excellence. Your last component is to state your ideal client. I am amazed that business people never extend this information which is necessary when qualifying a lead in the sales process. Your ideal client may be homeowners looking to relocated, high school athletes that desire to be professional athletes or aspiring entrepreneurs who crave wholistic business training.


You are now armed with your BLUF in a way that will activate the minds of those who speak to so they can ponder on who would be a best fit for your business. You have gone beyond the superficial meandering of the wonderful world of networking events. You are ready to leave an impression that will have everyone talking about the genius they just met.

-Dreams & Blessings

Asa Leveaux

Genius Academy, Founder

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