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Just "F" It!

By Asa Leveaux

How is my favorite entrepreneur?!

My intention for you is that you are having a kick ass day where you are operating in your passion, meeting sales goals, prospecting for potential client and converting all of your leads into real revenue.  If you are having a day like that or not it isn’t the most important thing in your life. The most important thing that you can do is start and end your day with this statement, “F it all!”.

Am I really asking you to tell the universe to fuck it all? No not at all. What I am wanting you to ponder and declare is to FORGIVE IT ALL.

Yes, I want you to forgive it all. I want you to forgive your family member for sexually or physically abusing you. I want you to forgive your parents for never showing up to any of your games, recitals or pageants. I want you to forgive your friend for screwing your the person you thought you would spend the rest of your life with. I want you to forgive the teacher that said and demonstrated that you would never amount to anything in this life or the next. I want you to forgive the company that fired you which caused you to start your business as a result of the pink slip they gave you. I want you to forgive the lady that cut you off in traffic this morning. I want you to forgive your partner for forgetting about your birthday. I want you to forgive yourself for not loving you the way you desire to be loved.

I choose to operate in clarity so that you can totally understand what I mean by forgiveness. The dictionary defines it as to stop feeling anger to someone or to stop blaming someone. That is an adequate definition but I would have you to go deeper. I once heard Oprah say that true forgiveness is when you thank the person for the experience they allowed you to have.


At this point I suspect you are likely saying, “Asa, what the hell?!” and that is perfectly fine because that is the reaction that I had when I first heard it as well. But imagine what your attachment would be to all the hurt you are feeling if you could honestly and with all mind and heart thank your ex-wife for leaving you or having an affair. I have done just that. I have been on the shit end of the stick when it comes to marital affairs and as a result have an addition to my life called “the ex”. My ability to thank her for the experiences did not come over night and it actually took over a year to verbalize that statement to myself and to her. When I finally did I felt an energy shift and became aware of just how much energy I had been giving her as a result of me holding on to that story of us.

I desire for you to let go of the hurt to make room in your heart.


-Dreams & Blessings

Asa Leveaux

Chief Genius Activator

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