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Pain Compliance

It's not all bad




You heard me correctly. Pain can be so essential to your growth in your personal life as well as in the entrepreneurial endeavor that you desire to create.  I’m not totally crazy in having a desire for pain. This is not a piece about S&M by no means. However, I do understand the value that pain can bring to your life and even ensuring that you comply with your highest self.

One definition of pain is physical suffering but I will extend the definition of suffering of any type. When you have suffering you get focused. For instance, do you remember the last time that you were ill whether it was a headache or a case of food poisoning? How focused where you to alleviate that pain? I can think on my last episode that I suffered through in the form of an earache. I had no recollection of what an earache felt like but that didn’t stop it from creeping up around midnight as I rolled in my bed in complete and total agony. This pressure felt like Transformers were engaging in battle inside my right ear! In that moment I didn’t care about the fact that I was interested in someone, or that I was a father, or that I had various business deadlines or event that I hadn’t eaten.  The only thing I desired was for my ear to comply with my desire.

What does it look like when you are suffering as an entrepreneur? For most entrepreneurs it comes in the form of cash flow. I state that because cash flow is the top reason why so many new businesses fail. During this time you know that you need to: start your ads or change direction on them, pay a person or a team of people to assist with scaling your business, or fund the obtaining of knowledge so that the business can operate at a higher level. Those are the problems, but let’s talk about the symptoms. At this stage you feel anxious more times throughout the day than your stomach lining can afford, you become intimate with the idea of saying “fuck it”, and you are not only robbing Peter to pay Paul but pissing them and everyone else at the exact same time.


You take action! In the same way that I rushed to the emergency room, sat in that chair and then drove across town at 2:00 am I also know what it’s like to take action in business…to make the damn pain stop! At this point I’ve been in the entrepreneurial world officially for over a decade and can say with certainty that if it weren’t for the pain, the profit would not have been as great. So the only question I have for you is, what action are you ready to take to make your dreams comply?

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Your Partner in Genius,

Asa Leveaux


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