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Short Struggle: Vol 3



When you are starting as an entrepreneur, even during the idea phase, it is common to look for "gurus", success stories and any other evidence that will make you feel better about your decision to go into business for yourself. I would like to tell you that there is evidence for everything. Though you may seek out the stories of ease there are also stories of struggle that you may overlook for one reason or another. I desire to give you the best view rather than your preferred one so that you don't have a warped view of what it means to be an entrepreneur. To ensure this I will post several "unfinished" experiences of what I have gone through as an entrepreneur that has over a decade of experience. I will leave it unfinished so that your brain could imagine the possibilities of how you would overcome the obstacles that I present. Entrepreneurship is more about resiliency that it is about vanity. So without further ado I present a short struggle.

I now know that publishing a book doesn't mean the process will be pretty. I began writing a book to help young Black youth get hired after a conversation with a group of Black business owners in 2011 titled, "Why I Won't Hire Black People". The title was used to create a high level of pissosity in order to evoke emotion in an effort for knowledge of the project to spread, which it did. I did not have a book coach but I knew that I should start telling people what was expected through any and every platform that I had which included social media. I took to Twitter and began telling those that Zora Neale Hurston would have deemed the new "niggerati" (research the word for yourself) of the 21st century. My heart missed a few beats when I saw that I had received a mention from the co-founder of Black Planet which was my precursor to Facebook. I had spent my college years on that website when I should have been knuckles deep in a book, so my affinity of the man was real. I opened the notifications and saw that not only did someone that I looked up to disagree with me, but had now taken license to stir a vile pot about a book that had not been written much less published. At that time my stomach was hot with confusion as my eyes burned with would-be-tears. I held the tears hostage that day because I didn't have the pages of my book to wipe them away.

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