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Short Struggles: Vol 1

Entrepreneur eviction


When you are starting as an entrepreneur, even during the idea phase, it is common to look for "gurus", success stories and any other evidence that will make you feel better about your decision to go into business for yourself. I would like to tell you that there is evidence for everything. Though you may seek out the stories of ease there are also stories of struggle that you may overlook for one reason or another. I desire to give you the best view rather than your preferred one so that you don't have a warped view of what it means to be an entrepreneur. To ensure this I will post several "unfinished" experiences of what I have gone through as an entrepreneur that has over a decade of experience. I will leave it unfinished so that your brain could imagine the possibilities of how you would overcome the obstacles that I present. Entrepreneurship is more about resiliency that it is about vanity. So without further ado I present a short struggle.

There I was, belly empty to ensure I didn't get sick from the butterflies, head swimming in an effort to dive into years of forgotten information and pockets so empty you could hear the lent echo in lonliness. I was about to make something on my internal vision board come to fruition. Yes, I was finally going to speak to a significant crowd in my very own city of Oklahoma City. I had spoken in various parts of the country but had yet to orate to an audience of entrepreneurs. It was less than ten minutes until the time that I would showcase not only my new haircut and slightly worn shoes from Aldo but also the information on how these would-be-entrepreneurs could make it with a level of grace and ease. A level of grace and ease that I had recently become a stranger to for the last few months. My demeanor was loose but my finances were tight.My cologne was sweet but my money was sour. My brilliance was bright but my funds had seeped into the proverbial black hole where not even light can escape. There are only seven minutes now and a tall stranger approaches. He approaches with an air of "who do you think you are" sprinkled with "I got your ass now". This stranger had decided to take this moment of okie victory and transform it into a level of shame that tasted like used chewing tobacco and dead raisins. I was being served an eviction notice. However, it felt like I was being served my inner belief that I was a perpetual fraud reaching in significance while choking on frustration. I was an author that was supposed to speak soon, but somehow I could not find the wit or the words to move.

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