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The 3 I's of Accountability

"Incrimination" isn't one of them.

The 3 I's of Accountability

Why would you even give a damn about accountability?! You desire to be an entrepreneur! You desire to make money! You desire freedom! What you likely have no desire in is setting yourself up to be blamed for everything that is going wrong. Right?

You aren't alone with that all. The majority of aspiring entrepreneurs have no desire, whatsoever, to deal with accountability or make it apart of their initial plan to go into business. Why is that? One reason why is because it's likely that you are coming from a corporate environment in which accountability was synonymous with authority and THAT experience with authority was not a pleasant one. You may feel that entrepreneurship is the answer to authority. 


Before you bring out the super-soakers and the kegs let me offer you another possibility. Accountability is one of the keys to your plan actually working! For instance, if you had a plan to go on 3 new dates in an effort to be in a relationship, would you find the will to approach more people? Now if you stated that each month that you did not go on 3 new dates you would have to pay me $1,000 in ACTUAL money would you be more inclined to swipe right or make sure that it "goes down in the dm"? It is likely that you would because we are at times more willing to take action so that another action does not happen.


I'm glad you asked! The 3 I's to accountability are the following: intention, implementation and integrity.

  • Intention relates to your desire to do something. Let's go back to the dating analogy. You first had the purpose or objective to be in a relationship. In a business analogy you may have a purpose of being a best selling author or training athletes to get below 10% body fat.
  • Implementation is about fulfilling on your intention or making good on your promise. This is where the actual work comes in to play. In regards to the dates, this is where you begin to swipe right and/or buying drinks and/or simply saying "hi". With business you may begin to establishing a website or create your logo or define your profit plan.
  • Integrity is where your character shows up. We all have character flaws and some of those we hope that no one ever knows about. With accountability you have a way to where your character is in the forefront rather than being a byproduct that could cost you big in the long run. With dating this is where you realize that "no means no" and that you should return calls and text messages. In regards to your business, you would offer the same price to everyone regardless of what they look like and handle complaints without taking it personal.

Accountability doesn't have to be a bad word but you can have a bad business without it. To take advantage of more go here.

Your Partner in Success,

Asa Leveaux


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