You’ve spent the last four years (or more) at an institution to get a shiny new diploma but now it has lost its luster. You paid the university so much money that you feel that there is an inner magnet in your wallet that is attracted to the payment gateway at the school. The books that you were bragging about as a freshman are now just another form or currency and every book without an owner better beware. The dorm room that you outfitted perfectly and even made its way to social media now feels like an episode of “Orange is the New Black” complete with a warden of a Residential Advisor, crappy food and a person downstairs that is willing to do you favors for a box of Twinkies.


You really don’t care about the thrill of football games and X-rated vacations being gone because you my friend are DONE! Just so that you know, I am ecstatic for you and I hope you understand the gravity of what you have accomplished. Now what? You could possibly do what the masses are doing and find an internship where you begin to gain that valuable “work experience”. Another option would be to travel the world! As someone who has ran on roads and tasted foods in places like Dubai, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Kuwait City and Jamaica I see the value inis option. I would like to offer you a possibility now that you have graduated. You could become a TREP.


The term trep is another word for entrepreneur, only shortened. Another way to see the term is through a definition that I created which says, “a badass who identifies a need and takes the necessary action to fill the need in a systematic way for the benefit of those they serve”. Yes, I believe that you could become an entrepreneur AND be badass in it and here are three reasons why:

  1. YOU CAN THINK - As you can see I didn’t focus on your level of intelligence but rather your ability to take data and analyze it to come to a specified outcome. As an entrepreneur this skill is invaluable.
  2. YOU CAN HUSTLE - You have spent the last four years looking for money, and it has made all the difference. As an aspiring business owner it will take more than wishful thinking and likes on Facebook to be successful.
  3. YOU’VE BEEN TESTED - Whether it was a statistics exam or what to do at a party where the party who stomped on your heart just arrived with a new person on their arm, you have endured. There is much to be said about someone who is faced with adversity and get through the hard times.

I honor your new possibility and realize that you don’t have to go through it alone.


Dreams & Blessings,


Asa Leveaux

Genius Academy™, Founder
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