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Veteran Entrepreneur : Vol. 1

By Asa Leveaux

Hello Badass Vetrepreneur!
I am excited that you have decided to continue your journey in establishing a viable business. I wanted to ensure that I present you with meaningful content because I understand what you are going through. 
I enlisted into the military 3 months after 9/11 and served thirteen years honorably. Those years where spent as enlisted as well as officer (yes, the dark side). As you remember the first step into being a veteran what the induction i.e. basic training. You remember those with more experience screaming order, not knowing what exactly to do next, wishing your friends and family where there with you to share the burden and all of this while you kept your eye on the prize...MAKING IT! These experiences are comparable to starting out in business. 
Through your basic training you learned the mission and the values of your particular branch (i.e. Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard). It is important for any organization to have clear and defined mission statement and values. It is imperative that as you go forward you provide that for your customers, clients, employees and partners. 
I challenge you to create your mission statement as well as the values for your organization. For those of you that are not comfortable with the status quo and doing the minimum, I will ask you to consider providing a mission statement for yourself. I have done it and it has made all the difference. The reason I say that is because it is a way for me to filter the bullshit that attempts to enter my life. Before we go further allow me to share my personal mission with you: 
"Possess a joyous existence conceived by enlightened thought and achieved through love, passion and wealth."
If something or someone comes my way that is opposite of any aspect of my mission I simply tell it to kick rock. I desire that you are just as clear from this moment forward.
-Dreams & Blessings
Chief Genius Activator
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