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Where Is It Bleeding?

By Asa Leveaux

Greetings Badass!

I am honored and grateful that you would take time out of your day to spend a few moments with me to discuss the bliss of business. To have bliss in your business it takes work but there is a method to the madness.

My years in the military afforded me a great deal of access to various topics in which first aid was one. Part of the process of first aid was identifying where the bleeding was taking place. If you don’t identify the problem then your tools, knowledge and effort will be in vain. As an entrepreneur have you identified where you are bleeding? Is the reason you don’t have passion in the boardroom due to your lack of passion in the bedroom? Has your lack of sales stemmed from your limiting belief that you are in fear of being seen as inadequate based on your past experiences? Wherever your wound is be sure to identify it because it is the same place where your worth resides.

I have had quite a few times in my life where I had to locate my place of bleeding. Having grown up with the majority of my time around women and knew how to do things like cook, flat iron hair or add extensions to the heads of my sisters and classmates I was told that I was not a man but rather a “sissy”, a “punk” and overall less than to the world of men. These thoughts plagued my ability to foster friendships with men for decades until I dealt with the hurt. Once I came back to that place I realized how much it was affecting so much in my business to include being open in a room of men and knowing that I could be of value to them.

While you are bleeding you are operating at a deficit because so much of what you need is literally be liquidated from your life. Take the action steps and place both feet on the road to bliss by stopping the bleeding.

-Dreams & Blessings

Asa Leveaux

Chief Genius Activator

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